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Monday, October 7, 2013

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Lillian is 3!

We had a Dino themed birthday for the Dinosaur Train fanatic in our house! Of course the teacher in me came out and we turned it into an educational experience.  The kids wore dinosaur tails, listened to a dinosaur story and then searched for dinosaur bones! Each one had a "kit" with a rake or shovel and a paint brush to brush the sand off the delicate bones (I made bones out of salt dough using sand molds).

The birthday girl above and the dino party below: 


It's a baby Stegosaurus!!!!

Halloween fun!

I know, I know, "how can you already have costumes done before October? and for 2 kids?"  I did some sewing for Lillian's birthday so I just did ALL the sewing for October at the same time when I had the chance.  Greg would take Lillian out for the day and I'd get lots of time in to get projects done.  This year's birthday and Halloween theme are dinosaurs!  We visited the pumpkin patch the day it opened and took pictures of Charlotte in her costume.  The same day we spent the morning in urgent care with Lillian for a pulled elbow (part of her elbow popped out of place) so she was in a splint and sling for the day.  She is 100% better now but it took a few days for her to feel comfortable to move it....she was more scared of it hurting again.  The doctor tried twice at putting it back in place and never heard it pop so we think the sling and splint did it.  We still plan on visiting again so I know I'll get more pictures of Lillian. 


I haven't blogged in a while and realized an entire month and a half has gone by without a post! so this will be a bit condensed.  Charlotte can roll in both directions and loves her jumpy. Lillian is quite the talker..... yes she was before but now you can have full on conversations with her!  This month we took a trip to visit my parents and took the train. It was a great visit and there are too many pictures to upload.

At the end of the month we went apple picking in Julian and had a blast.  Lillian really enjoyed their size as she could "eat them like [we] do" instead of having me slice them into pieces.

 Another big event, Lillian got her first haircut! Imagine that, just a few weeks short of turning 3.  I was 3 before I got my first haircut and my mom keeps saying her hair is just like mine was. We found this cute little shop called Pigtails and Crewcuts that specializes in kids cuts. They have fancy chairs to sit in, they get animal crackers and prizes.

Below is Miss Charlotte exploring some grass while Lillian plays at the park on the beach near our favorite weekend eatery.