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Monday, November 28, 2011

Enjoying the doggie Bella

This is one of my aunts dogs, Lillian enjoyed throwing the ball for her and by the end of our visit she'd lean in to let the dog kiss her :)

Discovery Kids

We spent Thanksgiving in North Carolina with my aunt and while we were there we took her to a discovery kids museum.  There were multiple themed rooms for kids to play in.  Lillian got to be a vet, a doctor, an EMT, firetruck driver, Nascar driver, she got to go grocery shopping, drive a car and really practice her walking! Below is a slideshow of her fun and a video of her practicing how to go up and down stairs and walking over different terrains.


Here is Lillian on Thanksgiving dancing to some songs on the TV :)

Lillian and Violet

13 months

Lillian has changed so much this past month! On Oct. 26th she FINALLY got her first tooth! Since then she has also had 3 more push though on the top. I knew when they'd come in they'd all come in at once. She hasn't let me look in her mouth for quite some time and I guess I thought they'd push out right at the bottom of her gums where you can see the teeth under the gums; instead they broke through a little further back and you can only see them when she leans her head back and laughs with her mouth open.

Lillian is also walking like crazy! Luckily she still holds our hand when we are out in public. She is also becoming quite independent. She has always been very curious but likes to do things on her own. She can feed herself with a spoon as long as the food is sticky enough to stay on it. Lillian is talking a lot more too, she can now say: hi, bye, uh-oh, thank you (but it doesn't quite sound like that), mama (she says ma), dada (she says da), more, and kitty. The other day we were eating Mexican and I gave her some pieces of chips. She saw us dipping our chips in salsa and wanted to do it too. Below is a slideshow of her 13 month photos and the video of her eating chips and salsa. She is one smart cookie!

Lillian's Tricycle

We found Lillian a Radio Flyer tricycle at Goodwill! Yes we know she is too small for it but it was such a steal we couldn't pass it up.

Friday, November 11, 2011