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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

20 months old

I can't believe Lillian will be 2 in four more months!  She is incredibly independent and is continually amazing us with how much she picks up so quick.  Here is a picture slideshow of this month so far:

We recently visited a children's museum as shown in the pictures.  Lillian had a blast and I caught a little video of daddy playing with Lillian on little chairs.  I don't know if she enjoyed it or not....

For Father's Day we went camping on Palomar Mountain.  Unfortunately, they will be closing it to public camping next month; when Greg heard this we knew we'd have to have one final trip recounting all his memories there.  Camping at the national park was full so we camped at a nearby site and went in for the day.  Recently I've been singing songs with Lillian and with all the time we had camping she learned "Old McDonald".... she is really quite cute but some of her animal noises are quiet so listen carefully ;)

Little Drummer Girl

Lillian finally figured out how to use her drum rather than just a container for all the other musical instruments.  She used to play with it as a drum but she hasn't again since December.  I showed her videos of marching bands too so now she imitates them. :)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

"Good Girl"

Lillian has been picking up words like crazy.... it is funny to be having a conversation with Greg or have the radio on and all of a sudden hear her repeat a word she knows.  Recently the song "Good Girl" by Carrie Underwood has been a big hit!  I had to prompt her more than normal in the video but it's still cute :)

Getting dressed

Lillian is very into doing everything herself!  Today she wanted to get dressed herself....

Friday, June 1, 2012

Girls just want to have fun!

I have tried to get her to wear this purse before and she had no interest in it whatsoever.  Today she came out of her room with her beads on and not one but two purses on!  It's funny, she holds her arm up in the air to keep it on her shoulder.  She is more of a tom boy, likes to get dirty and is fearless.... the other day she carried home a pet rock about 4 blocks from a little hike with daddy.  So the occasional moments she is a girly girl is fun.

Dinner time

Lillian has mastered the fork now.  She can use a spoon pretty well as long as it is in a container that has high enough sides, I often put her fruit cups in a larger drinking cup so she has a better chance of getting it on the spoon. 

The Park

We can go down the slide like a big girl now! 

Rose Garden

Lillian took time to stop and smell the flowers at the rose garden in Balboa Park :)


So much has changed recently in many areas of our lives.  We visited Greg for a week, went back to Maryland for a week to finish arranging everything for the move, then off to my parents for a week since we couldn't move into our new place yet and a hotel was just too expensive, and we are now all in San Diego.  Here is a stream of photos from my visit with my parents and Lillian is saying the things she knows/recognizes :) 

We even got to feed a giraffe at the zoo!  The pic is in the slideshow but here it is again:

Since we've gotten to San Diego Lillian's sleep habits have been HORRIBLE! She is much much more aware of her surroundings and we've had to make some adjustments to her bedtime/nap time routines.  She now screams when the door is closed yet makes it a game when it's opened just a crack.  We think she feels like we are leaving, she definitely asks where each of us are when we are away.   But we are getting better at it, for a while I was having to sit in her room until she fell asleep.  I have found her laying on top of me in the middle of the night though, sometimes more than once a night.  We think it may be that she was away from Greg for six weeks and now needs a bit more security.

She has been talking so much more too.  Now it usually only takes us saying a word once before she attempts it.  Today she even said 2 word sentences by herself, with no prompting!  She knows so many words I don't even think I can recall all of them.

Another big milestone is we are full on potty training now!  We were doing it in Maryland and she could tell me if she had to poop but we were never very consistent going pee on the potty.  Now we go every 15 min.  She has a few accidents still, usually if I don't take her right when the timer goes off or if we are out and about and she didn't actually go before we left (although we do always try).  We have the chair potty in the truck for emergencies.  She has been pretty successful with it for the most part.  Once we have less accidents I'll extend the time out further and further.  I've had to use the cloth diapers as underwear without a pad since even the smallest underwear they make is still huge on her.  Maybe in a month or so she will be completely potty trained although the cloth diapers don't really cause her pants to get wet if she does have an accident.