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Saturday, July 30, 2011


9 months has had a lot of milestones! Lillian is becoming so much more independent. She is on the move ALL the time, crawling, pulling up, standing; it is incredible to see how much change she has had this month. Her latest accomplishment is clapping :)  We have been clapping and playing patty cake for months and she FINALLY did it on her own!

Lillian has been standing a lot and it is becoming very difficult to put her down for naps.  After I leave the room she continually stands up at the side of her crib; her crib is already lowered as far down as it can go.  She can't climb out of it but she just stands there and plays.  I think she ends up usually playing for too long, gets too tired then has a hard time falling to sleep. 

Lillian continues to talk and clearly says "mama" at times but there is still no correlation to me.  She says other things like "dada", "appa" (dad in Korean), and "baba", still with no correlation to items, otherwise the rest is all singing or random sounds :)

Lillian has also begun feeding herself more.  She has mastered the sippy cup and only gets a bottle for the first and last feeding of the day (because she will drink more out of a bottle so I can get a little more extra in her those times).  We attached the tray to her stroller and within minutes of putting it on she was eating out of it! Since then I got her a cup with a flexible lid (that prevents spilling of snacks) and she can stick her hand in, pull out snacks and feed herself! All this independence has caused her to not really want baby food anymore.  I've been giving her cut up food at times but not often and I always still fed her baby food (I make my own).  She has been able to chew for quite some time which is surprising because she still doesn't have any teeth.  Recently she will only eat cut up food, or we have to trick her into eating her baby food by giving it to her with a fork as if it were from our plate.  She is too smart!  Tonight we gave her food she could pick up and feed herself and she did great! She ate quite a bit of it AND 4 tbsp of baby food.  I got her a spoon she could feed herself with and although I didn't fully intend on her using it now, I decided to try it anyway.  I put some of her baby food on the spoon, handed it to her and she fed herself! Granted it was quite messy but she did get it in there.  Looks like it will be useful for meats since she kept spitting out the chicken tonight; there is video below:

Crafts for Lillian

I have begun making many things for Lillian including some items she will get for her birthday and Christmas.  I made her a birthday hat that she can wear for a few years (since she only wears it for one day a year!).  I have also started her Halloween costume and she will be going as a lion this year.  I was really surprised how easy it is to make and can't wait to make her more in the future. 

Lillian LOVES this!

Why it is so hard to get her to nap now.....

9 month photos

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

8 Month Photos

Lillian is finally crawling! No more army crawl.  She has also learned how to pull up and is pulling herself up on everything! We even had to lower her crib mattress so she can't reach the top.

Lillian has recently started clicking and will often click and wait for you to click back to her.  She is such an amazing little person, she amazes me everyday! I think once she reaches the toddler stage, or walking stage that she will be one of those kids who runs, looks back to see if you are following then runs further.  Right now she does that crawling and she really books it! Right now I chase her around the floor and once I catch her she just lays down and waits for me to smother her with kisses :) .... which leads to an insane amount of laughing!

Mema and Papa's visit

Our trip to DC to see the monuments

Here is a slideshow of the postal museum:

and our trip to the zoo :)