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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Lillian the Abstractist

(you can click on the photo to see it larger)

The artist hard at work!  She really enjoyed this; I put her in the bathtub, set up an easel for her with watercolor paper and some fantastic liquid watercolors I had bought when I was teaching.  They have such vibrant colors for little kids and there are little ink well type holders for the various colors.  I put a brush in each one, hand her one color, she'd paint for a while then hand it back so I'd give her another color.  She did that painting all by herself, I did not help her! I showed her with a dry brush at first but then she just took off.  I did turn the paper at one point because she kept painting in the same area but she did it herself and she was quite proud of it!

Thank you

Listen carefully, Lillian is saying "thank you".  She is helping daddy unload the dishwasher.  It isn't totally "thank you" yet but the tone and some of the sounds are there :)

Sunday, December 25, 2011

This is what happens when Lillian finds washable markers and is alone with Daddy..... the before and after.  She had slightly pinkish cheeks for a couple days.  Thank goodness the heart on her forehead came off, not sure how I'd explain that one to strangers :)

Can you see the top teeth?

The only way we can see top teeth is if Lillian leans her head backwards.... can you see them? She has 3 on top and by the looks of it the fourth on top should push through soon.

Christmas in Fast Forward

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you all had a good one, we enjoyed Lillian today.

I set up the video camera to a time lapse video of Lillian opening her gifts so this is Christmas in fast forward :)  It includes opening gifts from Santa and two Skype calls to open gifts from Aunties and Grandparents. 

Monday, December 12, 2011


I realized I've been posting about her teeth but not on the blog, she now has 5!  She got her first tooth Oct. 26th; if you were facing looking at her it was the left of her bottom two teeth.  I don't know the order of the top ones because I didn't know they had pushed through.  I had a feeling all would come at once because you could see them right under the gums just waiting.  She was in the carrier on the front of me and she kept leaning back and I'd tickle her neck, she'd laugh and that's when I spotted them!  Again, if you are looking at her she has the first, second, and fourth of the top front four teeth.  Shortly after those pushed through the second bottom one pushed through and now we are just waiting on the third of the top four teeth.  She's been pretty fussy lately so it may happen soon.  I managed to get a couple pictures of her smiling where you can see her first tooth; the others have not extended down enough yet to see them in pictures.

In Just a Month....

I cannot believe how much Lillian has changed since we moved.... I always felt she was independent but my goodness she is a lot more now.  Ever since she learned how to go down the stairs it seems like she can do a lot more.  Every morning (even before the move) we'd bring her into our bed and get some cuddle time while she had her morning bottle.  Our bed used to be raised but didn't bring over the blocks when we brought the bed over to the new place, so it is a normal sized bed currently.  After her bottle she wants nothing to do with us anymore and slides down to the bottom of the bed and gets herself off just the same way she goes down the stairs.  I will say bye bye and she blows kisses then she is off!  She barely plays with her toys any more and just wants to play on the darn stairs.  When we have gates up she is forced to play with other things.

Before the move, Lillian would sign "more" and sometimes "all done".  Now she uses a lot more words like help, more, up, cat, (along with her usual ma, da, bye and hi)  and the other day she said "Oli" (one of the cat's names).  Her latest thing has also been "uh-oh".... it is the clearest set of words she says.  She uses it correctly too, it is quite amazing.  She will say it when she drops something either by accident or on purpose, when we drop something and she is even saying it when someone else (even a stranger) drops something!  Oh and she can now pull herself up on things, or at least tries.... I've caught her trying to reach something we have placed on the desk or dresser and she will get on her tip toes, grab the top and try to pull up to grab it! I'm looking forward to having more things unpacked because she is currently getting into everything! and a lot of things she knows she is not supposed to have; however, she does listen extremely well and sometimes will test you but not often if you have already told her "no". 

With her continued development of independence she has also learned the art of a temper tantrum.  It is really quite comical most of the time.  She will either throw her head back while standing and make a "waaaa" sound or lately she will throw herself on the floor.  We don't really pay much attention to it, just laugh, tell her what we are going to do or why she can't have whatever she wanted and move on.  She may fuss for a few seconds afterwards but it never really lasts that long.  I guess I just find it funny to watch.  With her developing so much independence and being much more of a little person than a baby (or at least I think so)  it makes me want to have another baby.... but that will happen soon enough.  For the time being we are just loving our Lillian as much as we can, pushing her to explore new things and celebrating all her milestones and accomplishments.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Stairs

In our new place we have two sets of stairs, one of my biggest concerns has been how to teach Lillian how to get down.  They are gated off; however, I still wanted to teach her a way to go down them in case she ever got past a gate and encountered the stairs on her own.  She sure did pick it up quick! I think it only took her 2 days to have it all figured out.  We tried a few different ways, if I hold one hand she will hold onto the rails and walk down carefully.  She also tried to go backwards but she'd get her foot stuck and ended up falling backwards lukily I was standing right behind her so she just fell into me.  She now slides on her belly and she is sure quick!

The Move

Lillian has enjoyed the extra open space to play in during the packing and moving :)

Silly Girl

Lillian has a new laugh.... a more excited one :)

Meeting Santa

I found a Santa at a Sears Portrait Studio. I really didn't think Lillian would have any problems but she freaked out! Looking back on it I should have known better. Lillian is always very curious but it has to be on her terms; our Santa experience was identical to the beach experience. She walked in saw Santa and started hysterically crying. We ended up leaving the room and let another appointment go ahead of us in hopes that she could watch and warm up to him. It kind of worked but she still cried. I was quite bummed she wasn't her cheery self with him since she looked so cute.  She wore her Aunt Lanie's dress :)

We did manage to get a couple pictures out of it. She has seen 3 other Santa's since that photo shoot and she has gotten better about it. She can now be in the same room as him, she stands back and is hesitant abut if you try to sit her on his lap she freaks. She is her mother's daughter :)