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Friday, December 17, 2010

Lillian's first snow

It snowed for the second time in Seoul this season; the first time it didn't really stick. We woke up the other morning and found snow on the ground! It continued to snow on and off throughout the day but most of it melted the following day.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Lillian's First Tea Party

We found a couple English style tea houses in Sinchon. We originally intended to spend the day with Lillian at the Christmas Cafe (a cafe with more winter decor than Christmas decor) but they were closed. So, we had a tea party instead!

She's getting stronger

Lillian is getting stronger, she can lift her head more and more each day! She still lifts much higher when she is on one of our tummies but she is getting pretty high off the floor now.

Lillian's Buddhist Blessing

Greg and I have been learning about Buddhism while we have been in Korea, we feel the philosophy matches more of our values and beliefs. Buddhism focuses on self, being at peace with yourself and the world around you; things are not done to help your own ego but rather focuses on in general being a good person. Many other religions stemmed from Buddhist beliefs. We want to teach Lillian the Buddhist philosophy so we got her blessed at a Buddhist temple. She even wore a dress and shoes for the first time :) After, the monks prepared a feast for us and even drove us home since they were worried about miss Lillian being too cold.

We were originally going to give her a Korean Buddhist name; however, the arrangements got a little mixed up. Instead we had some Korean friends give her one. Her Korean name is:

It is the Korean word for Lily. She was born in the year of the Tiger so the Tiger Lily suits her well!

2 Months Old

Lillian is now 2 months old! She now weighs 10lbs 4 oz and is 20 1/2 inches long! She is changing so much everyday. Now her interests are things with bright colors and big designs, previously it was just lights. She is recognizing my voice more and more; I find if she is crying I can talk to her from the other room and it seems to calm her a bit. She clearly recognizes me because now she stops crying when she sees me. I believe she recognizes Greg but not to the same extent.

Greg has been wearing Lillian a lot more lately since it is so cold outside. His jacket is big enough to zip her up and keep her warm. He seems to enjoy it although he does get a little tired having to keep her from crying when she wakes up.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Lillian met Santa!

Lillian met German Santa at the German Christmas Market in Seoul! He is different than our Western Santa. You can read about how Santa is viewed in Germany by clicking here to be directed to our other blog, The Sims Family Adventures.