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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted a little late but still have photos to share.  Lillian helped me bake this past week getting ready for Thanksgiving.  I even tried out all vegan recipes that were surprisingly very good.  Lillian helped me make an apple cranberry crisp and mini vegan pumpkin pies.  She loves to help and knew what to do without much guidance.  At home she has a large collection of wooden food, some in connected together with Velcro so she can "cut" them apart.  She calls it "make it" (she came up with the name since I always say wait I have to make it).  That collection of toys is a big hit at our house for play dates.  I pull out wooden spoons and pots and pans for the kids to use.  Oh she also really enjoyed wearing an apron; it is one of mine I just tied around her a few times..... she kept calling it a dress.  Below is Lillian enjoying her finished product.... unfortunately she was saying "cheese" in the second picture with pie in her mouth.

Santa fun!

We had lots of fun with Santa this year! He even noticed Mama's early gift of our new little peanut.  Lillian made progress this year and didn't cry although she was still hesitant of sitting on Santa's lap.  Of course she warmed up to him at the end when he gave her candy!  Maybe next year we should try that first.  Even though she showed some hesitation, there were no worries, Mama and Daddy came prepared this year and were ready for a family photo op.  It looked like the photographer gets that a lot, stools and boxes were already set up for us to sit on.  We found Santa hiding out in Seaport Village and it was a lot better than his big rush at the mall.  I believe his photographer helper were more about capturing the image, and a good image at that instead of just snapping a quick photo.

Santa has arrived in San Diego!

Santa arrived in beautiful San Diego today on his surfboard!  Daddy and Lillian caught a wave with him.  This year Lillian is still a bit hesitant of Santa when asked to go alone but no tears were shed this year so that is an improvement!  If the song doesn't play above, click play.... very cute and should be San Diego's official Christmas Song especially with our surfing Santa!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Peanut #2- 16 weeks

We had a doctors appointment yesterday and my uterus is measuring a little ahead at 16 1/2 weeks (not that it really matters, the baby will come when the baby wants to come).  Both Lillian and Greg came with me to the appointment and it was their first time hearing the baby.  Lillian knows there is a baby in my belly (actually she thinks there is a baby in daddy's belly too!) but I'm not sure if she understood why we could hear it. I've been feeling some kicks here and there and finally have my energy back!  I feel like I'm not showing as much this time around and I've been doing well with weight so far, gained nothing yet.  I've been taking weekly photos again first thing in the morning before I have any food or liquid to really show the actual size of the baby bump, not bloat that will accumulate later in the day.  Some days I can stay the same size as I started in the morning, others I have a noticeable bump.  I tried to set up the camera (I even have tape on the ground) to make it so the photos were the exact same each week but the camera has been bumped a few times. Here is an animated clip from 9-16 weeks: 


As a fun comparison, I also put my belly photo from last pregnancy next to this weeks.  The one with the writing is last pregnancy.  


At 16 weeks, the peanut is about the size of an avocado, 4 1/2 inches long (head to rump) and 3 1/2 ounces.